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Very briefly, just for better understandings...

so, what is          

r CHI ?

Chi is Life Force & Life Energy.
Chi is the name of this mystichal energy gave by Chinese.

r Prana ?

In India, the word for lifeforce & lifeenergy was "Prana".
People of ancient India called this mystique subtile energy Prana.

r Orgone ?

Dr. Wilhelm Reich claimed that he discovered a new form of energy which he called "Orgone".
In fact, it was the same energy-form known as "chi" (chinese), "ki" (japanese), "prana" (hindus), "mana" (polinesians), etc.
He build layered orgone accumulators (orac) to accumulate this energy inside them, which was used -mainly- for healing purpose.

r Orgonite ?

Contrary to belive of several rip-off followers, Orgonite is not an energy-form.
Orgonite™ is a special material mixture invented in 1992 by Karl Hans Welz, which is the most performant in the chi- & orgone energy accumulation, used -together with an adequate technolgy- in building the performant Chi Generators® & Prana Generators® & Orgone Generators®.



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Beneficial 'Chi Energy' from your Chi Energy generator Equipment - the best for your Vitality & Success!
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